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The Story Behind The Ark City Blessing
By Arlene Johnson, Ark City Blessing Coordinator

The “New York Blessing” was the first blessing video I watched. 
My nephew lives there, so I emailed the website to him to encourage him, since New York had been the epicenter of the coronavirus. 

Then I pursued the history of the song, “The Blessing” that was used to make the video and written almost right before
lockdown last year. I learned that over a hundred cities, states, and countries have used the song to bless their area. 

I watched The Hawaii Blessing, The Canada Blessing, The San Francisco Bay Area Blessing, and others. Then I thought
that it would be great for Ark City to have a blessing video of their own and decided to accept the challenge to coordinate one. 

A few days later, God displayed the most beautiful sunrise (pictured left). If you look closely above the middle of the clouds, you will see the image of a cross. 

I took it as a confirmation of God’s help.